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The protectors, protected.

Security Industry Federation

Trade Union Membership

For just £10.99/month

Hundreds of members across the UK benefit from our expert legal advice, support and continued protection every day.

We acknowledge your expertise as skilled security personnel, having undergone extensive SIA training, passing rigorous exams, and putting yourselves in harm's way to safeguard the public. You are first responders and play a vital part in assisting with law enforcement, violence against women & girls and the fight against terrorism.

While you are protecting the public, businesses and local areas, who is there to protect you? Studies have shown that more than 40% of security workers suffer with PTSD from their experiences and those experiences can often lead to disciplinary hearings and other such stress-engaging situations.

Why do those in the security industry need to join a Trade Union?

We believe that those who work in the security industry should be supported, advised and protected.

Who Can Join Our Trade Union?

Those who work in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland & Wales:

  • Security Guards

  • Loss Prevention Officers

  • Door Supervisors

  • Cash Valuable In Transit Officers

  • Close Protection Officers

  • CCTV Operators

  • ​Dog Handlers

  • Event Staffs

  • Cyber Security Specialists

  • Key Holders

  • Stewards

  • All security industry management

What Exactly Are We Offering You?

When you become a valued member of our bespoke Security Trade Union, you will get access to multiple levels of support:

  • Dedicated support team

  • Pay and working condition guidance

  • Representation & advice for internal discipline issues

  • Representation provided at employment tribunals

  • Legal Cover

  • Expert advice and financial services

  • Dedicated legal enquiries helpline

  • 24/7 Wellbeing telephone support and counselling

  • Ability to vote on Industrial action

  • Entry to the Security Industry Federation AGM

  • Discounted entry to the Security Industry Federation Awards Ceremony


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