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Upholding Justice: The Security Industry Federation's Battle Against Unjust Dismissals

The Crucial Role of Security Professionals

Security personnel play a pivotal role in maintaining a sense of security and order in various establishments. Whether it's a bustling shopping centres, the night time economy, a corporate office, or a residential complex, these professionals are tasked with ensuring the safety of people and property. However, recent incidents suggest that some security workers are facing unwarranted dismissals for merely performing their duties in the face of criminal activity.


The Dilemma of Disciplinary Hearings

Disciplinary hearings have become more commonplace within the security industry as workers find themselves in the crosshairs for actions taken during their attempts to apprehend thieves and protect the public. The Security Industry Federation has found itself at the forefront of these battles, defending the rights of security workers and advocating for a fair assessment of their actions.


The Thin Line Between Vigilance and Unjust Dismissal

The fine line between vigilant security measures and perceived misconduct has become increasingly blurred. Security professionals often find themselves caught in a precarious situation where they must make split-second decisions to address potential threats. Unfortunately, the consequences of these decisions can lead to disciplinary actions, even when their actions were in line with training protocols and legal standards. ‘Company policy’ is often used as a get out clause for companies and clients who will promote themselves as a leader in security but often don’t have the appetite for their employee’s to do the job they are employed to do. It’s common knowledge in the retail industry that shoplifters operate without fear of being stopped by security who are often left embarrassed and heckled by members of the public for not apprehending a thief.


The Security Industry Federation's Stance

The SIF has taken a proactive stance in addressing the surge in disciplinary hearings within the security industry. Recognising the importance of preserving the integrity of the profession and maintaining the industry’s appeal to current and perspective worker, the SIF is working tirelessly to ensure that security professionals are not unjustly dismissed for actions taken in the line of duty. Recent dismissals have included a worker who left his post to protect a female who was being brutally attacked by a male and another who restrained a shoplifter who had taken over £1000 in stock.

The Security Industry Federation emphasised the need for a nuanced approach to disciplinary matters, taking into account the context in which security workers operate. The SIF argues that penalising professionals for simply doing their job not only undermines the credibility of the security industry but also jeopardises public safety. It is a well known fact that security professionals outnumber the police 4 to 1 in the UK and the security and safety of the UK’s population and businesses relies heavily on well trained security professionals.


Educating Stakeholders

As part of its mission to safeguard the interests of UK security professionals, the SIF is actively engaged in educating stakeholders, including employers and the public, about the challenges faced by security personnel. By fostering a better understanding of the complex nature of security work, the federation hopes to mitigate the knee-jerk reactions that lead to unjust dismissals. The 2024 SIF Manifesto highlights these issues and aims to set out a national policy and a joined up approach rather than several individual practices which become confusing for those that work at different sites.

The Security Industry Federation's involvement in an increasing number of disciplinary hearings sheds light on the challenges faced by security workers. Balancing the need for security with the rights of those entrusted with maintaining it is crucial for preserving law and order. As the SIF continues to advocate for fairness and justice, it sends a clear message that security workers deserve respect and protection as they strive to create safer environments for us all.



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