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Security For Security

The Security Industry Federation represent all of those that work within the UK security industry. We recognise that you are skilled workers having undergone rigorous SIA training, passed exams and put yourself in harms way to protect the public. You are often the first responders and offer vital evidence to the police and partner organisations.

Because of the very nature of your work it is unfortunate that you may find yourself suffering with PTSD and other mental health disorders on top of the stress of justifying your actions, from internal discipline meetings with your employer to civil or criminal court cases.

The Security Industry Federation and our reward partners will offer you expert legal advice, wellbeing support and continued protection.

Security Guard

The SIF Trade Union acts as an insurance policy for all UK security force members. We give you protection, representation, a voice that is listened to and we surround you with an army of supporting companies that both celebrate and reward your hard work and dedication. 

Join hundreds of members today, for only £10.99/month.


Don't wait until you need us, rest easy knowing that we're already there.

Why do you need the SIF Trade Union?

Security Room

While our primary focus is addressing workplace concerns that arise after joining, we strive to offer guidance to new members with pre-existing issues. However, representation at hearings for pre-existing matters cannot be provided without an additional fee. We aim to communicate this policy clearly, ensuring transparency about the limitations of our support. The additional fee may be necessary due to the complexity or time-intensive nature of handling pre-existing issues. It is crucial to inform new members about alternative options for obtaining representation, either through external services or legal counsel, to manage expectations and foster a positive relationship.

The Benefits & Limitations of  Support

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