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About Us

Security Industry Federation

"Many of you are understandably nervous of challenging suspicious activity and using the powers you hold without fear of prosecution. My mission for the SIF is to change the culture and practice of the UK security industry."

- Daniel Garnham, President -

Hello and thank you for your interest in joining the Security Industry Federation, the trade union for the UK private security industry.

Firstly, let me introduce myself. I am Daniel Garnham and I created the SIF after serving the last 20 years in the public sector doing what you do, protecting the public. I am also an SIA trainer which is where I had the idea for the SIF. Many of you are understandably nervous of challenging suspicious activity and using the powers you hold without fear of prosecution.

I recognise frontline private security workers as skilled key workers having undergone rigorous SIA training and passed exams. You put yourself in harm’s way to protect the public. You are often the first responders and offer vital evidence to the police and partner organisations. It is only right your pay and working conditions reflect this. It is also only right you have a trade union, a voice, somebody to turn to.

Trade Union President, Daniel Garnham

Together, let’s help shape the future of the security industry.

My mission for the SIF is to change the culture and practice of the UK security industry and to provide members with excellent benefits to reward their dedication to keeping the UK safe.

Former Police Officer, Cyber Trainer & Trauma Manager

Lauren's vast experience in sales and marketing across a variety of industries has sharpened her ability to target the broad demographic of the SIF.


In her role with the Security Industry Federation, she applies her innate marketing perception to raise awareness of the organisation's capabilities through various platforms. Lauren is reaching out to everyone in the security industry, highlighting the SIF Trade Union membership's exponential value and benefits.

Membership Sales & Marketing Manager

In her role as Senior National Officer, Jo works tirelessly to achieve fair results for our members and push the Union forwards.

Incorporating decades of experience in people management into her advocacy work, Jo demonstrates a commitment to not only understanding the needs of workers but also actively collaborating with employers to create solutions that contribute to a more equitable and just working environment. 

Jo's involvement in local politics as an elected local parish councillor showcases her dedication to making a positive impact at the grassroots level. By directly addressing the concerns of her community, she actively contributes to positive changes in the lives of those she represents.

Jo has always campaigned for causes she feels strongly about, specifically the importance of fair treatment and equality. In an industry where many have become apathetic, Jo stands out as a force to be reckoned with. Her unwavering commitment to justice and sympathetic ear, along with her proactive approach to serving members and fostering positive change is second to none. Her passion and expertise make her an invaluable asset in SIF’s pursuit of positive change within the industry.

Senior National Officer

Jo Watling

Ruth’s journey started back in 2013 whilst applying for part-time work to fit around her university studies (a previous stint working in a chip shop had been notoriously unsuccessful!) Through working at her local student nightclub and several nationwide festivals and events, she discovered a passion for managing customer welfare; the diversity of the work opportunities and challenging the expectations others
might have of a 5’4 young female working in security.


Like many others, the industry got under Ruth’s skin, so much so that after a couple of years of teaching, she found herself missed the proactive, reactive and reflective cycle of security work.


Her skills as an educator were subsequently directed into up skilling the next generation of security trainers and professionals through delivering the Award in Education and Training and other security based courses and taking the proactive approach to learning, is always on the lookout for CPD opportunities both for herself and for others.

General Secretary

Ruth Ripley

Lauren Todd

Johanna Watling

Senior National Officer

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